Isn’t Time to Start Running a Better Business?



You’ve worked hard, enjoyed some success along the way…but you know there is more to life than this. When you started down this road, you had dreams of a huge paycheck, flexible hours with employees happily running the office and a lifestyle that others envied. So what happened? Is the dream still possible?

The GOOD NEWS is yes, the dream is still possible. The bad news is that it will take some effort and change to help you recreate your business that will give you the opportunity for an improved lifestyle.

The “Secret” to SUCCESS

What is it that sets top performing agents apart from the pack? Is it market conditions? Great staff? Product offering?

We conducted years of research to answer this awe-inspiring question and came up with a list that you may find interesting:



  • Drive and Passion – More than any other characteristic we found, every business owner we evaluated felt passionate about their business and were determined to rise to the top.
  • Vision – Our top producers knew what they wanted to accomplish and had a clear picture of what their business would look like when it was finished.
  • Support – Without the support of family, friends and mentors to guide you along the way, the demands of small business ownership are too much for most to do it alone.
  • Attitude – We all know how our attitude can influence others. Top performing agents have a great outlook on life, the company they represent and the products they offer to their clients.
  • Understanding of Business – THIS IS THE ONE MOST OFTEN OVERLOOKED! The great agents understand that running a small business has nothing to do about SELLING INSURANCE! You read that right – nothing to do with selling insurance.

The great ones don’t look at themselves as insurance agents…

                               the great ones look at themselves as business owners.

In other words, they make investments in people, programs and systems that will allow the business to run without them! Great agents think like ENTREPRENEURS while others suffer from an “EMPLOYEE MENTALITY.”

Which one are you?

If you are not sure, take a glance at the price table below. Do you see the monthly cost for coaching services as an expense or an INVESTMENT in your FUTURE?

An experienced and proven insurance business coach will:

  1. Give you new ideas about how to grow your business.
  2. Share programs that he/she created to build their own agency.
  3. Help you put the systems in place that have been missing for years.
  4. Keep you focused on the important, rather than the urgent daily task list.
  5. For less than the cost of your receptionist, your coach will help transform your agency into the money machine you’ve always wanted!

So why are you waiting? Isn’t it time you got your life back?

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