FAQ – for Business Owners

Why do you need a coach?

The chances are you have had an agency for a few years, if not more and you have finally realized that Einstein was right! His definition of insanity of how results will never improve unless we try something different has brought you to our site and you are looking for answers. Hiring an experienced coach who has a proven track record will give you a fresh perspective as to what is needed to help get you back on track and quite possibly, accomplish things you never imagined were possible!

What makes Contact Coach unique?

Thank you for asking!

By contacting our office and inquiring about our services, you have taken the first step in creating a business that will help you build the business you’ve always dreamed of. However, the process of transformation is never easy and will take some effort on your part. You have inevitably created habits, some are good, while others could be significantly impairing your ability to break free. And with any habit, the only way to change is to make a dedicated effort to retrain your reactions to situations as they occur.

You read that right; retrain your reactions. You may have heard that while you may not be able to control what happens to you, you can control your reactions to any situation. Your reactions, many of which have become instinctual over the course of time, are impacting your business and your life on a daily basis. Understanding why you react in a certain way is critical to your overall success in life. This is where your business consultant steps in and where the Contract Coach Agency stands out from the rest. Without the hype and continuous pep talk, we will work with you to get down to the core problem and give you real solutions which will not only impact your business, it will impact your personal life in the process. And that’s what it’s all about anyway, isn’t it? Creating a business that helps you live a better life instead of one that takes it away. Of course you will need a pep talk from time-to-time, but when we get down to business, we want to be there every step of the way with advice, recommendations and support documents to help you solve the issues which are keeping you from living the life that you’ve always wanted. Please take your time and answer the questions to your best ability.

The key to our effective working relationship relies on your ability to be absolutely honest about each and every question. Just as a doctor must ask the right questions to properly diagnose a medical condition, we must have answers before we can begin our work. It is often not the problem on the surface that is the issue, but an underlying condition that is the root of most frustrations. Do your best to take a step back and take an honest look at where you are in business today, and more importantly, where you want to be.

Regardless of where you are, you have come to us because you are in need of help. We take on this responsibility with an understanding of how important this decision is to you, your family and the employees who count on you each and every day. We are excited you have chosen us and promise to do everything within our power to help you reach your full potential.

Who is Jeff Hastings anyway?

Starting a business from the ground up can be one of the most stressful, time-consuming and gut-wrenching challenges that one can endure. With 85% of business owners failing before year five, many entrepreneurs who chase their dreams end up emotionally and financially bankrupt in the process.

Jeff Hastings knows all about the good intentions that pave the road to success. He has been in your shoes and experienced great triumphs and tribulation and has lived to tell the tale. As a small business owner, he developed one of the largest and most productive sales teams in the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies. His team of over 60 insurance agents and 150 support staff generated an estimated $85 million in annualized premium. In one year, his district generated over $13 million in profit making him one of the most profitable district managers since the company’s inception in 1928. Often being recognized for his performance, the pinnacle of his insurance career came in 2005 when he received the CEO’s top award, District Manager of the Year. However, once had reached the top he realized the sacrifice of health and family wasn’t worth the reward he’d been working towards for so many years.

An already prolific author, motivational speaker and E-Myth coach, Jeff retired at just 47-years young to venture out on his own to develop a business coaching firm and publishing agency in 2013. Inspired by his father on the last night of his life, his new endeavor was designed using the principle of expressing your passion through your work while never losing sight of what is truly important. He shares some of his concepts and ideas with you through a fictional character named Alex moss in his latest book, The Most Successful Failure in the World. 

Jeff is a motivational speaker, business coach and owner of two companies, the Jeff Hastings Agency, Inc. and Chart House Press, LLC. Jeff recently married the love of his life, Kimberly Kay Hastings and together they have six incredible children (Kristin (25), Avery (20), Allie (16), Max (15), Pete (9) and Logan (5). While Kristin is married and a nurse in Alexandria, LA and Avery is a college student in Denton, the rest of the family reside in Cypress, TX. Jeff loves boating, all types of sports and when not helping clients, spending time with his friends and family.

What makes your coaches so unique?

Our coaches are PROVEN leaders in the industry and have walked in your shoes! Unlike other coaching agencies who bring on any able and willing body who is willing to pay for their program, our coaches are hand-picked and have built successful insurance agencies.

Many of our coaches continue to run large agencies and are routinely asked for assistance. Like most high performing agencies, they seldom turn down requests for assistance and do the best they can to help others. However, by joining our team they have an outlet now to further enhance their mentoring program and truly work with those who are willing to invest in their own success. It will not take long for you to see why hiring a Certified JHAgency coach can help take your agency to an entirely different level!

How much does it cost?

Our coaching program is designed to fit any business owners budget.

Let’s face it, you are unique. Your needs may be drastically different from the agent down the street. That is why we have a large suite of products and services to fit your specific needs. There are many programs to choose from ranging from a $10 per month email coaching service to our most robust Coaching Package which requires an investment of $2,500 per month.

The key here is: our coaches have the ability to customize your program to fit your specific needs. You’ve gone this far to inquire about our services. You have nothing to lose, but much to gain! All you have to do now is request a FREE CONSULT and one of our coaches would be happy to customize a plan that fits your needs AND your budget!

How do you recommend I chose a coach?

Each of our coaches have a different skill set, pace and manner in doing business. Choosing the right coach to fit your business style is important and we want to help you in anyway we can. When you complete your Business Assessment Questionnaire, there is a question which asks if there is anything else you would like us to know. This is a great place to give us information about your personality type, style and any additional information which may help us recommend the right coach for you.

What can I expect from my FREE CONSULT?

First of all, we take our consults very seriously. This is NOT a sales pitch! Our coaches are going to take their time evaluating your Business Assessment Questionnaire and give you REAL and ACTIONABLE advice you can immediately implement in your agency to get results. If you like what our coach has to say, it will be up to you to schedule your first coach service and start to build an agency that supports your LIFE!

Do I have to complete the Business Questionnaire to take advantage of the free consult?

Yes, we do require you to complete a self-analysis of your agency before we schedule your consult. The questionnaire is an integral and necessary part of the evaluation process and helps our coaches give you a solid hour of actionable advice. However, if you need to speak to someone immediately, you may reach out at anytime and contact one of our coaches for assistance.

What is the Agent Training Portal?

The Agent Training Portal gives you access to many of the Jeff Hastings Agency lesson plans and more! For a small monthly fee, you gain access to a world of information to help you get ideas of how to improve the results of your agency. The portal is intended to help agents share best practices and reach out to others when assistance is needed. Get started with a FREE 30-day trial!

What is the Book Leasing Program?

Jeff Hastings wrote a book titled, So You Want to be An Insurance Agent to help him:

  1. build a business brand,
  2. improve his recruiting process and,
  3. to use it as a training guide to answer the questions his employee’s, sales producers and agents asked him on a routine basis.

After opening his Publishing Agency, Jeff accepted a friends request to “re-brand” his book and make it his own and now he is making this offer to you! For a small one-time fee, you can take Jeff’s book, customize it to your own style, change the title and place any picture or title you like and create your own unique business brand!

Having a book sets you apart from the rest and shows you are an expert in the field. Our book leasing library is growing and now includes titles for insurance agents, real estate brokers and real estate agents.

If I’m not satisfied, can I cancel at any time?

Of course you can! Although we don’t expect you would be dissatisfied with our service and would hate to see you go, we understand that your needs may change…or, your coach may not be exactly what you were hoping for. In either event, you are welcome to cancel at any time (see “How do I cancel my services FAQ”). However, we would like the opportunity to find out why you are not satisfied with our services and would be happy to assign you to another coach if necessary.

May I request a new coach if I’m not happy with the one I had chosen?

Absolutely! And best of all, your coach will understand and not be upset with your request. From time-to-time, we see personalities between coaches/clients don’t mix…or, you simply want a fresh set of new ideas. That’s great and completely understandable!

Simply Contact Us and we would be happy to assign you to a new coach. If you have one in mind, please indicate your selection in your email comments. Also, if you don’t mind including the reason for your request, we would certainly appreciate your feedback. Your comments will be kept strictly confidential and we would not share the reason for your cancellation with your coach unless you request us to do so.

How can I become a Certified Coach?

We are glad you asked! We are always looking for talented and inspiring agents who have a track record of success. Please fill out our Coach Application and someone will contact you shortly.

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