FAQ – For Career Seekers

Who should use this service?

Those job seekers who are looking to land a career in the insurance field. To be considered for a position, you must first upload your resume into our database. To further enhance your opportunity to find the perfect career, complete our FREE Personality Profile and Apply On-Line.

What kind of jobs can you help me find?

We help place qualified candidates in most types of insurance related positions. Although we primarily assist in the recruiting and placement of insurance agents and staff, we have contacts in the industry and sources to help you find corporate level jobs, claims adjuster positions, underwriting and even executive placement.

What kind of results can I expect?

It depends on your qualifications, education, salary requirements, location and position in which you are applying. In addition, some opportunities (usually for agency ownership or financial sales positions) the employer may require an acceptable credit history and/or financial stability.

We are consistently adding to our network of employers. Make certain to keep you resume updated with your latest contact information.

Does it cost anything to post my resume?

No, you may post your resume for FREE and keep it on our site for as long as you wish.

Do I have to pay a recruiter fee?

No. The companies who are seeking to fill a position pay for our services. There is no fee to you and no additional financial obligation from the employer to select you for a position.

Do employers contact me directly or through the Jeff Hastings Agency?

It depends on the service level the employer has enrolled. While most small agencies place a single ad and browse resumes on their own, larger employers hire our firm to do most of the search and selection to weed out unqualified candidates.

What is the Personality Profile?

We have several profiles we use to evaluate candidates in different types of positions. The profiles are relatively quick to complete, but give us valuable information to better understand your background, interests and skill-set to place you in the right job, with the right employer.

I did not pass the Agent Personality Profile. Can I still be considered for the position?

Although there is no pass or fail score to the profile, if your responses gave us reasons to believe that opening an agency may not be best for you and your family, we may have requested you look at alternative paths to owning your own business. At the end of each profile, candidates are categorized into several groups and the recommended career path was indicated in your profile response message.

If you disagree with our recommendation, you may request in writing to take the profile again by emailing us at careers@jeffhastingsagency.com.

Is my resume confidential?

Yes, for the most part. However, there is no guarantee your employer will not discover your posting on our site. Your resume may only be viewed by members on our site who have paid for site postings. If you don’t see a job posted by your employer, they probably can’t see your resume.

If you locate a position for me, how much does it cost?

This service is provided completely free to you!

We are not an employee leasing agency and do not charge leasing fee’s or are compensated on your income in anyway. However, your employer may have paid for an ad or has contracted with our agency to recruit, test and possibly be involved in the selection of candidates. Regardless, you will never be asked to pay for our services and employers are not penalized for hiring you in anyway.

I do not see a position in my area. Should I still apply?

Absolutely! We place candidates all over the US and have contacts in most areas.

Quite frankly, if we don’t have a client in your area, we would love to use your resume as a way to show potential employers the value of our company. This service is great for you, great for the employer and potential great for our agency!

Can I hire the Jeff Hastings Agency to actively find me the perfect career?

Absolutely! If you would like us to actively pursue the perfect career for you, contact us at careers@jeffhastingsagency.com and we can schedule a free/no obligation phone call. During our visit, we will find out more about you, the position you are interested in and, if we believe we can meet your needs, give you a quote for our services.

Do you offer resume writing services?

Absolutely! If you are interested in this service, email us at careers@jeffhastingsagency.com. Services are priced at $250 per resume.

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