FAQ – For Coaches

How do I become a Certified ContactCoach?

We are excited you are interested! To find out more, APPLY HERE.

What are the requirements to be a coach?

Every coach applicant is evaluated on many aspects, some of which are:

  • A proven track record of success (sales awards, accomplishments, agency size, years in the business).
  • If maintaining an agency at the same time, you must have employees who are able to take care of clients while you are coaching clients.
  • Agreement with our corporate philosophy and fundamental values which encourage life first, business second.
  • A helpful attitude and passion for helping others succeed.
  • A positive outlook on the future of the agency model.
  • Successful completion of our Coach Certification Course.

Is the coaching program a Franchise?

No, and we hope it never is!

How much does it cost to become a coach?

Although we would love to offer the program for FREE, there is an expense involved with training and maintaining coaches within our network. The only fees associated with becoming a coach are:

  • $4,995 Training Fee
  • $100 per month Technology Fee starting when you take on your first client or in month 13; whichever comes first.

We occasionally offer discounts on the training program. Keep checking our website for details.

What type of training can I expect to prepare me to coach new clients?

During your first month of training, you will attend four 2-hour sessions which will introduce you to the coaching platform, training modules and client enrollment and billing system. In months 2-6, we combine one-on-one sessions with group training to improve coaching skills, answer technology questions, monitor document retention guidelines and strengthen team-building skills.

We highly encourage our coach network to openly share ideas, best practices, documents and programs to further enhance our customer experience to become known as the go-to coaching agency for insurance agents across the nation.

Do I have to charge clients the amount advertised on the site?

While we do recommend our company offer consistency for our clients, we will allow you to discount or surcharge clients as needed. As long as you and your clients are happy, we will do everything in our power to customize our program to fit your clients needs.

On your Coach Dashboard, click on the Enrollment Links to see the variable monthly fees available for your immediate use.

How do I enroll a client for coaching services?

Signing up a client is a snap!

  1. If you have discussed the program with the prospective client before they found our site, input their name and contact information in our Lead Input form to make certain they are properly matched to your Coach ID (first initial, last name). If the client is not linked to your account, notify us immediately at support@jeffhastingsagency.com.
  2. If your prospective client has not completed their Business Assessment Questionnaire, have them do that to get the process started.
  3. After they have completed the Questionnaire, complete the client FREE Consult. You can contact them directly, or they can schedule an appointment on your Coach Page.
  4. If your client is interested in signing up for coaching services, send them your personalized enrollment link or just have them sign up on our website.
  5. That’s it! Your client is enrolled and you can start coaching immediately.

How do I set-up my client Agent Dashboard?

There are several ways to get your clients set-up to use Agent Training System.

If you client signs up for our Bronze Coaching Package or higher, they will qualify for FREE access to our Agent Training System. In that case, it is better to have our management team manually set-up your client for services. Email support@jeffhastingsagency.com and provide the following:

  • client name,
  • client email address,
  • client phone number,
  • enrollment date,
  • membership level, and
  • request for dashboard access.

A member of our management team will set your client up for an account and will notify you and your client when the account has been properly set-up.

If your client is paying less than $1,000 per month for coaching services, your client will have to purchase our online coaching program by logging into our site, creating an account and purchasing a Membership Account.  The enrollment process will automatically assign your client a user account with access to our Agent Training System and they can immediately begin to work on our Training Modules.

However, you will need to request client access to the Project Management System by emailing support@contractcoach.com. Please allow five business days for your client Management Account to be completely set-up and synced with your Coach HUBl Page.

If I find a client and refer them to the network and they are assigned to another coach, will I be compensated?

Of course! Our Marketing Representative (MR) program is a key component in the success of our advertising. Approved MR’s earn 10% of all contractor services performed for the life-time of the client.

Do my clients have to pay the marketing fee?

Absolutely not! All marketing rep fees are paid out of the management company and will not affect client membership payments or coach earnings.

Do I have to take on assigned clients, or can I simply choose my own?

You will always maintain 100% control of your schedule, and your client list. There will certainly be some clients you prefer not to work with. This can be known early in the process, or may happen over time. Coaching a client you prefer not to work with will certainly reduce your ability to assist the client in meeting his or her personal goals and is not in the clients best interest. To reassign a client, simply notify us by phone or email.

My carrier does not approve me to be work outside of our company. Do you have to list me on your website ?

Well, this is a tricky answer.

First of all, we would never recommend you operate outside of the contractual requirements of your company…especially if you offer financial services. Not reporting income to your carrier could bring much more than a reprimand from your company.  We will always encourage honesty, integrity and the highest level of ethics in everything we do. If you are interested in becoming a coach for our agency, we encourage you to operate within the guidelines of your carrier who has taken a chance and allowed you the lifestyle you currently enjoy.

Regarding the website, no, we do not require your picture, name or any part of your agency to be advertised on our site. Your desires of confidentiality are of high concern to us and we will not disclose your participation in our program to anyone unless required by law. Many of our coaches prefer to operate with discretion and we honor every request.

How do I submit a bill for services outside of the monthly membership agreement?

Every coach has a unique invoice system which identifies you as the coach for your clients. You may process payments for your clients over the phone, or simply email the invoice to your client with instructions and they can pay at their own convenience. If you do not have such an invoice, please contact us to request one.

What other products am I compensated on?

As a coach, you are automatically assigned a Marketing Representative code. As a MR, you are paid 10% of all contractor services performed for the client you brought into the network at all times. Additional services include, but are not limited to:

  • Coaching Services Performed by Another Coach
  • Branding Evaluations
  • Facebook Business Page Creation or Other Social Media Services
  • Website Services
  • Logo Creation
  • Recruiting Membership Services
  • Agent Portal Memberships
  • Paid Career Services including Job Posting
Agency sales and/or purchases are not included in this compensation program.

How should I find my first client?

If we approved you as a coach, you have what it takes to make an impact on an agents career today! Don’t be overly concerned about your knowledge of the systems or lesson plans. Your coaching call will go where your client wants to take the call. Be there for him/her, listen and make recommendations of how to improve. It will be very seldom where you spend your entire session on the lesson plan you had “planned” to discuss. Your clients need you to focus on what’s important now to THEM, not necessarily what YOU want to teach today.

So, to answer your question, finding clients is as easy as taking your normal calls from agents you’ve mentored and let them know how they have influenced you to start coaching professionally! Don’t be afraid to accept fees for your advice. If you are like most successful agents, peers have taken advantage of your “free” advice for far too long. Be proud of what you have accomplished and deliver on your promise to help take their agency to an entirely different level!

How do I setup my account or change my Coach Profile Page?

The following information should be emailed to support@contractcoach.com to setup or change your Coach Page.

  • A professional photo (preferred head shot)
  • About Me information
  • Location with your Time Zone
  • Education and logo’s for each school
  • Designations and/or certificates
  • Completed W9
  • VOIDED Check and Signed Bank Deposit Form
  • Training and Setup Fee Paid in Advance
  • Enrolled in Membership Portal

How do I link my calendar with the appointment scheduler online?

How do I set myself up or review my Referral Partner Network page?

In order for your Referral Partners to log in to their resource center they need to go to:

Setup in InfusionSoft

Make a referral partner:
Contact: Their Name
Code: first intitial, lastname, 01
Password: Jeffhastings1

Parent: will be who brought them in: Default is Jeff Hastings
Make Active.
Notify on Lead: Yes
Notify on Sale: Yes
Track Leads for: 0 days
Cart Skin: Training Portal

Commission Program: 10%

TRACKING: Use history and cookies – YES
Use IP address: Yes

ADMIN: Log on to InfusionSoft Referral Partner Center for the coach/referral partner to be enrolled. Send new partner sign-on info for the Referral Partner site and request he/she update all information and generate a Link to track leads.

Ads can be generated, Email Templates, Banners and Resource Page.

I have a client that is possibly clinically depressed and I am concerned. What can I do?

Whether you have experienced this or not, you will certainly have clients who can be classified as clinically depressed, and you must take any signs of acts or thoughts of suicide seriously. There are many 24-hour hotlines available to help and you should not hesitate to recommend they seek professional support and counseling at the earliest possible time.

As a business coach, you are not confined by the laws surrounding confidentiality as described in the way a doctor or an attorney would be forced to oblige by; However, you have entered into an Agreement in which information shared to you by your client is confidential unless you are given consent to disseminate such information. The emotional health and well-being of our clients should be a concern and you should always recommend professional treatment instead of taking on the responsibility for treatment yourself.

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