PODs and ContractCoach – A Winning Combination!


Growing Your Agency Is Tough. The Solution Is Simple.

PODs is the first and only Interactive Prospecting Management (IPM) tool designed specifically for insurance agency owners that is proven to increase quote volume by 20%. PODs was developed by successful agency owners who realized their CMS/AMS tools didn’t help with lead generation. Designed with an intuitive and simple interface, so you can proactively track and optimize your teams prospecting activities in just a few minutes a day. PODs can be rapidly deployed and is guaranteed to pay for itself in the first month.

Trusted by the Top Agencies


PODs helps users translate annual goals into daily activities that drive rapid results. Create custom activities to start tracking your daily goals.


PODs enables employee-to-employer and peer-to-peer accountability that fosters teamwork and healthy competition.


PODs provides actionable metrics and generates real-time reports that increase employers’ control of individual and team activities and results.


Employers and managers gain direct access to real-time information on daily activities and results, enabling them to effectively coach employees.

Stay updated on marketing and retention activities.

You and your employees can login online or on any mobile device and see exactly what they need to accomplish each day. As they complete each task, they will click the “Plus” button and PODs automatically records their statistics for the day, week and the month.

Foster healthy competition and hold staff accountable.

The “POD View” is accessible by everyone in the specified POD and encourages your employees to compare their progress, compete with their teammates and motivate each other to close more sales. Managers are able to keep track of each employees performance at a glance.

Track information in real-time.

Create daily marketing and retention activities that will help you reach your business goals and assign them to yourself or your employees. Schedule them for each day, specific days during the week, on a weekly basis or over the span of the entire month.

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