Are you relying on resumes to find top talent?

While resumes may generate activity and you may occasionally find a “diamond-in-the-ruff”, your best candidate is not job searching! Relying on resume services to find top talent makes as much sense as relying on passive advertising to grow your agency! You already know this, but have countless things to do…besides, you’re trying to run a business, and recruiting new people into your business takes a HUGE amount of time.

That’s where ContractCoach Professional Recruiting Services comes in. Whether you are looking for one great sales producer or are a field manager responsible for recruiting many agents – we can help!

Fully Integrated Client Management System

Insurance Specific Application and Interview System

Capture Leads, Chat and Share Documents from Anywhere

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  • Click and Submit – completely automated and easy to use
  • Unlimited Applications and Employee Profile Reports
  • Application System Ranks and Recommends Each Candidate
  • Employee and Agent Testing Pre-Hire
  • Automated Reference Check
  • Free Applicant Training Course
  • Use Your Recruiter or Ours
  • This System Will Generate Leads for Your Agency Like No Other!
  • *Fully Integrated Recruiting and Lead Generation System Ready to Go!

*This system requires integration with an online calendar. You may use your own calendar, or purchase our ContractCoach Calendar and Client Management System which comes with a phone app for as little as $20 per month per user.

  • If requested to submit one.

Your Recruiting System from A to Z


Simply place an ad on your social media network

or invite someone to complete an application.


That’s all it takes!

District Managers

This is a great added value to help your agents reach the top!